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Jennifer McRae

Dispatch/Personal Assistant I’ve worked in the transportation industry since 1996, starting as an Owner Operator running 48 states and Canada. I moved into dispatch and fleet management in 2000, where I managed upwards of 78 drivers. My fleet management experience moved me from Utah to Oklahoma, back to Utah to Arizona and then Washington state […]

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Fred Atkinson

Controller I’m the newest member of the Platt & Associates team. I joined as the Accounting Manager in January 2016. Looking for a change from the rat race of running a multi-million dollar corporation’s finances, I found the perfect home at Platt & Associates. My experience and education in business has helped to put Platt

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Lesley Sheldon

Dispatch/Personal Assistant I’ve been in the trucking industry for eight years. I started as assistant answering phone calls and after only two weeks was promoted to dispatch and have excelled from there. I like working with the drivers and dispatchers of other companies and hearing their stories. They all seem to be so interesting. On

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David Dickhut

Sales Executive I accepted a position will Platt & Associates, Inc February, 2009. I guess one could say my career in Transportation started in 1973 after leaving California for a trip to South Dakota. I arrived in Utah with a broken motorcycle—my sister lives here and here it starts. I started in warehousing then on

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Mike Kiholm

Senior Account Executive I started with Platt & Associates in April of 2007 in the capacity of sales. My background is in sales and sales management and has been for the past 17 years. I have been a manager in both the retail industry as well as an account manager with a major LTL freight

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Bennett L. Platt

Sales Executive I was a jack of all trades in the construction and mechanical industry for 10 years before joining my brother and father at Platt & Associates in 2003. I’ve been working side by side with John for the last three years, extensively learning the ropes of the industry. I plan to continue with

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Lori Platt

Safety & Compliance I started working for Platt & Associates in 1993. When my son was born in 1994, I decided to leave Platt & Associates to work out of my home. The work I did ranged from becoming a licensed day care provider to manufacturing and distributing candles. In November 2005, I started working

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Mark Platt

Owner/Sales & Marketing I started in sales and management back in 1983 managing an auto body and paint shop in California. In 1986 I was invited by my father John Platt to come work for him at Platt & Associates. I was given an opportunity as a broker and as you can see, I took

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Marc Perry

Marc Perry

Dispatcher I’m 50 years old and a father of three. I’ve been involved in the trucking industry since 1991. Drove Flatbed / Stepdeck & OS / OD. In my spare time I enjoy riding my Harley and camping with my kids and our Pitbull.

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Matt Hamilton

Matt Hamilton

Assisstant It all started back in 1995 for me when I realized the Transportation Industry would be my life long career. From 1995 – 2003 I traveled the country working with a Blimp Company. I worked on many accounts from MetLife, Blockbuster, Fido, Sanyo, Budweiser, Goodyear South America and many more. I was fortunate to

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